PPA-UEM has been concerned with the internationalization of the program. Thus, the focus is to exchange students and professors in the various universities around the world. PPA-UEM students go on Exchange Programs at several international universities. The agreements also provide support for visiting professors to teach workshops/seminars at PPA-UEM.



PPA-UEM has 4 formal agreements with renowned universities. These agreements generate knowledge through the exchange of experience and knowledge between students and professors. Several PPA-UEM students participate in international internships through exchange programs at these schools. The agreements are:

Université Du Québec á Trois-Rivières(UQTR), which is located in the city of Trois-Riviéres, Quebec, Canada.

Ecole d´ingénieurs at Purpan is located in Toulouse, France.

Kansas State University is an American university in Kansas, USA, founded in 1863.

University of Perugia is a public university in the city of Perugia, Italy. It was founded in 1308.