As for the classrooms, PPA-UEM currently has a classroom with capacity for 50 students, a classroom with capacity for 20 students, a small auditorium with capacity for 40 students, for the exclusive use of the program. Also, PPA-UEM can operate with 3 rooms available and another 2 rooms for classes and research seminars. All classrooms have a computer, air conditioning and projector.

As for study rooms, PPA-UEM students have (i) a specific study room for Master's students (with capacity for 12 students), and a (ii) specific study room for Doctoral and Postdoctoral students (with capacity of 12 students).

The study space and classrooms have adequate, individual study tables and chairs for graduate and postdoctoral students, comfort features such as a desk and air conditioning, and both cable and wireless internet were made available.

As for the laboratory, PPA-UEM students have 1 Computer Lab equipped with 30 state-of-the-art computers. These facilities are shared with the Department of Business Administration (DAD), in which PPA professors also work.

As for the infrastructure for PPA-UEM professors, they are installed in offices, in pairs, where there is space for assistance, study, research and guidance for program students.

As for the library, the PPA-UEM has its own sub-unit with up-to-date books and journals. The issues and periodicals are in the area that the program focuses on. Some examples of regularly updated and subscribed journals are Academy of Management Journal and Academy of Management Review. Furthermore, there is effective electronic access to up-to-date and classic intellectual production in the area. There is also the UEM central library (https://bce.uem.br).

As for the equipment, PPA-UEM has 3 desktop computers for student use, 2 laptops for loans and participation in congress, 2 televisions and 2 projectors.

As for the defense of the thesis/dissertation at a distance, for members of the committee who are abroad or in remote areas, PPA-UEM has the Distance Learning Center (Núcleo de Educação a Distância da UEM - NEAD), which has an infrastructure, dedicated broadband for connection to internet, special rooms and audio and video resources to carry out the activities.

PPA-UEM also has the possibility of using the Ney Marques Auditorium. There is a total of 498m², with capacity for 192 people and space to accommodate wheelchair users and armchairs.