About Us

Since 2016, the Master’s and Doctoral programs in administration of the Graduate Program in Administration (Programa de Pós-graduação em Administração - PPA-UEM) started to act with the concentration area “Organization and Market’’. The two research fields that mark out the structure of the program are: (a) Organizations and Society, (b) Marketing and Productive Chains. The work effort of PPA-UEM counts simultaneously with the work experience of 15 years of master's degree , offering a doctoral degree and with the execution of the national post doctorate program (PNPD/CAPES). The PPA-UEM has several inserts, such as those listed below.



The PPA-UEM has more than 20 years of history and trained more than 230 students. An average of 15,33 professional graduates per year. Several students who graduated from the program were selected to work in public and private institutions in the state of Paraná. Several students work in correlated areas of administration, such as Organizations, Innovation, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finances, Productions, Operations, Agribusiness and Quantitative Methodologies. The graduates from PPA-UEM work with researchers, coordinators, professors and managers of universities, colleges or teaching centers.


Regarding our faculty, the program has permanent teachers, who are fully dedicated to teaching and research. More than 50% of teachers have post doctorate in the area of Administration. Several professors coordinate outreach projects, teaching, research, international cooperation and assume leadership positions, coordination and representation in higher bodies of the university. As part of this faculty, there are also professors with productivity grants from CNPq and/or from the Araucária Foundation. The attainment of external resources by teachers (e.g. financing) through various programs available is also a constant in the program. Professors are generally highly active in the administration area and on correlated areas, with involvement on the evaluation of scientific articles for national and international events, for several national and international journals, evaluation of projects submitted to development agencies, such as CAPES, CNPq and Araucaria Foundation, participation in the National Association of Graduate and Research in Administration (Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Administração - ANPAD), among others. All professors from PPA also work on undergraduate studies, with classes and also guidance for graduation final projects and orientation of scientific initiation projects.


Since 2020, through their public selection process, PPA/UEM offers exemption from the registration fee for candidates to the selection process already covered by affirmative actions, as well as 20% of the vacancies reserved for blacks and indigenous people.