The Graduate Program in Administration (Programa de Pós-graduação em Administração-PPA) at the State University of Maringá (Universidade Estadual de Maringá-UEM) offers Master´s, Doctoral and Postdoctoral courses in Business Administration at UEM. In 2000, the PPA-UEM began its activities, as a result of the efforts of professors to offer graduate training in Business Administration. That year, the course began offering programs via a consortium with the State University of Londrina (Universidade Estadual de Londrina - UEL).

In 2010, after closing the consortium and authorization for operation, issued by CAPES, the PPA-UEM Master´s in Administration course began its activities in August of this year, with a first class of 13 students. In 2013, the Doctorate program, authorized by CAPES, started its first class with five  students. In 2014 and 2015, ten new vacancies were opened and all were filled. Therefore, each year PPA-UEM has been offering a constant and congruent number of vacancies for society , respecting the guidance capacity of professors and the university infrastructure. Until 2015, the Graduate Program in Administration was offered within the concentration area ‘’Organizations, Entrepreneurship and Market’’ with two research fields: (a) Organization and Strategy and (b) Entrepreneurship and Market.

The work effort of PPA-UEM relies simultaneously on the experience resulting from more than 15 years of master's degrees, with the offer of the doctoral course and with the execution of the National Postdoctoral Program (Programa Nacional de Pós-Doutorado-PNPD/CAPES).

PPA-UEM actively seeks to teach cutting-edge content, mixing different epistemological and theoretical orientations. PPA-UEM focuses on developing and testing theories in the Field of Administrative Science, via applied research with compatible methodological assumptions. As a result of all efforts in teaching, research and theory, we seek the search for application in problem solving in the field of Applied Social Sciences.